Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Guild meetups are AWESOME!

I've just spent a fantastic two days back in my "new home" up in Newcastle. After a weekend of trying to sort out bills and being generally bored because of lack of TV, lack of internet and lack of House-mates it was a fantastic relief to get to Monday which was the day I'd planned to meet some close friends for a bit of a piss up. The only difference between this and any other piss up was I'd never talked to any of them face to face.

We all got on like a house on fire, all of us.We were all of student age and 5 of the 6 were English but our 6th guildy had come all the way from Switzerland and boy did he get a shock at the English binge drinking activities.

Highlights of the two days:

-Getting lost in a city I've lived in for almost a year
-Ring of Fire
-Drinking from a Wok
-Never have I ever (Lexor you filthy bastard)
-Tactical Chunders at 12 o'clock
-"Ohhhh, I've got heartburn me" "Drink this" "Okay"
-Accidental doubles
-Kaldraith giving it large on the dance-floor
-Tatters the pizza Vigilanty part 1
-Tatters the pizza Vigilanty part 2
-Arthas tactics at 9am, hanging like bastards
-Putting things in the bin...down a flight of stairs
-The search for breakfast
-The further search for breakfast
-Giving up on breakfast and getting a burger
-Drinks at 1pm
-That girl outside WHSmith
-The train ride to Leeds
-Train ride to Dewsbury
-Finally going to fucking sleep

It was a fantastic night out and will definitly be happening again.
Thanks to Bisson, Lexor, Kaldraith, Tatters/Curdle and Yelnasha for a bangin' time! WoW Friiiieeeennnddssss! *thumbs up*

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