Friday, 9 July 2010

and now for something completely different...

With the internets currently turning a firey red, looking at Blizzard like it would very much like to reach through their screens and beat seven shades into them I could write a post about RealID. About how I dont mind the in-game features, as it lets me keep in contact with cross-realm, cross-faction friends but how I feel they've crossed a massive line with all this RealID on the forums bollocks.But I'm not. Like Tam did, I'm gonna have a tea and biccy break from it all. I mean, I've read everyone elses views, saw the forum petitions and heard folk even talking about it in game. My views are basically the same but would be shown without a solid arguement and a lot more uses of the words "fuck" "bellends" and "seriously Blizzard, you're all twats sometimes."


I love little things that Developers put into games. References to famous people, films, books and the like. I found myself smiling when, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a guy pulls out a shotgun while quoting Aliens. The developers must have loved that film, because they've stuck the cat in there as well.
My favourite is most definintley this one:

Found in Booty Bay, he ends up giving you something so you can use the transporter to get to Gnomeregan.

When you pop out on the other side, you find this guy...

First saw this when I was levelling Jakkru and it put a massive smile on my face. I love these kind of Easter Eggs!

If you've got any favourites either link them in the comments or stick a blog post up :) Just poke me to let me know they're there!


  1. Omg. He's wearing a red shirt! He's DOOOOOMED!!!!

  2. I loved this when i first saw it, but the funniest easter egg ive seen had to be that time when i was leveling in nagrand and i went over to the crashed plane behind the hemet quests and just out of the corner of my eye spotted a snake sitting on the plane.

  3. there are four or five draenai in their city named after the dax-hosts...